NVAD Voip UserGuide

Special Notes for all Network Voice and Data VOIP Services.

  • Calls are billed per second. A one minute minimum applies.
  • VoIP is only available to eligible customers who Âuse either ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL, Wireless, NBN Wireless or NBN Fibre.
  • VoIP is not recommended for people who require 'Priority Assistance' and should not be considered a standard telephone service, as this service will cease to function in the event that power is lost.
  • As VoIP utilises your Broadband connection, any interruption to your internet connection will affect this service.
  • If you have ported your existing land line number to VoIP, and wish to convert it back, a port reversal fee of $150 applies plus any phone connection fees. These can range from $125.00 to $299.00.
  • Calls such as calls to international numbers, premium numbers, directory assistance are charged in addition to the Monthly Fee and are not shown in the plans above.Â
    Included calls are subject to the Network Voice and Data's Fair Use Policy and Acceptable Use Policy, not for telemarketing business purposes. For details of charges for call types not listed above, call us on 0742209898
  • Charges to premium numbers are set by the number provider.
  • International call rates may be subject to change without notice.Â
  • Some Internatiioal Destinations may not be able to be called from a Network Voice and Data Service (See Blocked Country ListÂ
Network Voice and Data VoIP Feature Codes