Sip Trunking

Network Voice and Data your #1 choice for connect your existing pbx or hosted pbx system

Enjoy reliable connectivity when you connect your VoIP compatible onsite pabx, which results in huge savings on phone line rentals and calls.
We can also interconnect our hosted PBX productwith your current pbx.

Your savings dont just stop there
At Network Voice and Data we can also provide you with a range of 1300/1800 numbers via SIP trunks.
Email NVD or call us on 07 42209898 to discuss your requirement. Sip Trunk Rates start atÂ

Network Voice and Data's VoIP Trunk Rate Card

Call Packages


Business Plus




Australian Fixed Line Phones
Untimed Calls (02,03,07,08)



Australian Mobile Phones*
Price per min & billed per Second



Australian 13/1300 Calls



Trunk Fee
Price per SIP Trunk to NVAD



Phone Number Fee per month
Price per SIP Trunk to NVAD



Min Number of Trunks



1800/1300 Numbers ***(trunk req'd)
Monthly charge (inc $11.00 of inbound calls)



Minumum Monthly Spend
Excluses DID and 1800/1300 Number Monthly charges



* Mobile phones exclude Sat Phones (inc Pivotel)
**Any unused call credit will expire each month at the end of your billing cycle . Per second billing charges are rounded up to the nearest 1 cent. Prices are AUD inc GST;
*** Other pans are available. Listed is our basic plan. Does not include any costs associated with obtaining numbers that are not on the 1300/1800 list or port ins.
**** We Block some countries to permit toll fraud.
(We can obatin numbers for you from the ACMA Smart Numbers Website on your behalf).